Comic 556 - Health

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27th May 2018, 12:20 AM
Joel, a friend of mine was explaining his experience of this in these exact words. My sister in law could relate to this. One time she was eating her healthy diet of greens . Lots of salad, no problem right? well her blood sugar was starting to spike up for some reason and she couldn't understand it. Guess what she found out. It was from the salad dressing. All my uncles have had it even my dad. I had to watch him give his shot every day as a kid . it was terrible. as for me so far so good i dont have it but still you know..



Well, I'm not sure you can never eat good food. My girlfriend's dad has diabetes and he can still eat sweet stuff he just has to watch it. My girlfriend is eating salad but yeah she puts a lot of dressing on it. So I'll be like, "You want some salad on that dressing?" But I can't even taste one lettuce leaf, it's disgusting.

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